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Saturday, January 29, 2022

The PackageSafe(tm) System

Why PackageSafeTM?

Packages often are damaged by water and the weather when they are delivered. Some estimates have up to 10% of packages are damaged by weather. PackageSafeTM is a system for customers and businesses to reduce or even eliminate packages being damaged by rain and snow. 

What is PackageSafeTM?

PackageSafeTM is a system of products that can be used by customers receiving packages as well as businesses sending packages. 
  • PackageSafeTM containers for consumer package delivery
  • Logos and labeling to instruct delivery staff where to place packages
  • Directions for what makes a PackageSafeTM
  • Licensing for use of the PackageSafeTM logos
  • Guidance for websites wanting to encourage the use of the PackageSafeTM

How do you use it?

There are directions for each of the different parts of the PackageSafeTM System.

Customer Receiving Packages

There are many kinds of PackageSafeTM. You can make your own or you can purchase a standardized one. If you build one yourself you can choose the size and materials. If your house already has a good overhang that shelters packages from the weather, such as a covered porch, then you can just get the signs and labels to mark the location. If you purchase or build a container, then you will need to also get the signs and labels to mark the PackageSafeTM

Location: A PackageSafeTM should be placed someplace visible where the package delivery people can quickly see it and quickly access it.

Signs: The PackageSafeTM should be clearly labeled. If it is on the side of a house or some location that it not obvious at first glance, there should be a small sign that directs package delivery people to it.

Package Delivery People

Simply look for the PackageSafeTM markings and place the packages in the PackageSafeTM. If it has a lid, close the lid. 

Businesses and Website Developers

Promote the PackageSafeTM on your website. When your customers have a PackageSafeTM your products are less likely to be damaged from weather and you will save money on returns. 

Be Weather-wise: When customers are checking out, have your website look up the weather for the destination and date of delivery. You can then give the customers options if there are likely to be weather impacts. You can charge more for weatherproof packaging, you can offer to delay a day or two when the weather won't impact delivery, or if they have a PackageSafeTM then it can be delivered in the rain or snow.

How do you get one?

You can purchase a container that meets the PackageSafeTM design guidelines or you can make one yourself.