The Bowmar Builders are an FLL team associated with Bowmar Elementary School. The purpose of this blog is to help other students interested in robotics to learn from what we have learned. As an FLL Robotics team we use the Lego EV3 robotics system and the Mindstorms graphical programming language.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Actively Listen for Effective Communication

By Eli S.

Communicating clearly and asking questions is good so people understand you. In the game called phone one person starts and you pass it on by whispering and the last person says it out loud so the first person says if it is right and if not they tell you. In the game we played we weren’t communicating well so it got misunderstood and told wrong. To communicate well you need to ask questions. You also need to focus as a listener on what is being said. That's called active listening.

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