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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pets in the Classroom, An Interview with Mrs. Walsh

By Mateo B.

This summer I did some research on pets in the classroom. I learned that having a pet in the class room is a good way to teach responsibility. Studies show that having a pet in the classroom might have a positive effect on grades. I interviewed one of the teachers at my school, Mrs. Walsh, who has a pet fish in her classroom. I talked to her and she said it is hard to keep the tank clean, and the fish has to go home on breaks and it is hard to chose someone to take the fish home. The children in the classroom take turns feeding the fish, and most of the kids enjoy it so that usually happens.


  • Students learn to take care of a pet
  • Students enjoy being in the classroom more

  • Challenges
  • Most students (but not all) do not want to do the unpleasant chores
  • Taking care of pets over weekends and extended breaks requires more logistics (finding people, ensuring feed/bedding/etc. supplies are delivered, etc.)

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