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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stuffed Pets in the Classroom: An Interview with Julia B.

By Mateo B.

My sister Julia is in 1st grade. In their classroom they have a stuffed animal named "Buster" that is their class pet. I found this interesting because several classrooms have stuffed animal pets. I want to figure out if having a stuffed animal pet will have the same benefits as having a live classroom pet. According to my sister it is enjoyable to get to take care of the classroom pet.

Activities Done by the Class with Buster

Buster gets to go home with a student for three days. The student is chosen at random (names are on popsicle sticks in a cup.) The student is expected to create a fun activity to do with Buster at home. The student takes pictures and writes up the experience in a journal. The student can also draw pictures in the journal.

Research Questions

From this interview I have several more questions that would be good to pursue.

  • Would having a stuffed class pet be similar in benefits to a live pet?
  • Is it as enjoyable to have a stuffed classroom pet?
  • Would students from the different grades respond similarly to a stuffed classroom pet?


Byrd, M. (2016) "Stuffed Pets in the Classroom: An Interview with Julia B." Personal Notes. October 20th, 2016.

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