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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pushing Mechanism

By Mateo B. and Stella E.


This mechanism can push easily if you add something to the front.

Step 1

Get the parts: a large motor, 4 black friction pegs, a 15 hole connector, a large gear (black), a small gear (black), 2 red axle pegs, at least a size 6 axle piece, an axle piece with a stopper on it, 2 size 3 axles, 2 connector pieces (axle and hole pieces), a 2 hole piece and axle connector, a 2 axle connector and a 1 hole connector piece, a 5 hole connector, and 2 loose gray pegs.

Step 2

Get these from your supplies: a small black gear and an axle piece with a stopper on it and a large motor.

Step 3

Put here : as shown in the picture.

Step 4

Get these from your supplies: a 15 hole connector and two black friction pegs.

Step 5

Assemble them like this:

Step 6

Get these from your supplies:

Step 7

Assemble them like this:

Step 8

Get these from your supplies: A large black gear, a size 3 axle, and a connector.

Step 9

Assemble them like this:

Step 10

Get these: A 5 hole connector, an axle-hole connector hybrid, and 2 loose pegs

Step 11

Assemble them like this:

Step 12

Put them together like this:

Step 13

Get these:

Step 14

Put these together:

Step 15

Put them like this:

Step 16

Put these together:

Step 17

Put these on:

Step 18

Get this: (can be longer)

Step 19

Put it on like this:


Alternative Implementations

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