The Bowmar Builders are an FLL team associated with Bowmar Elementary School. The purpose of this blog is to help other students interested in robotics to learn from what we have learned. As an FLL Robotics team we use the Lego EV3 robotics system and the Mindstorms graphical programming language.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Water-The Key To Survival

By Lauren K.
We visited the WTP(water treatment plant) for a mini robotics field trip.Our guide's name was Eddie Busby,who was great by the way.He showed us three or four different parts of the plant.One was the filter they used to clean the water,the second was the clarifyer which was used to store the clean water after it was cleaned by the filter,then they showed us an empty clarifyer because they have two.Then after they showed us the main parts one of the guides showed us  an old piece of dried sludge that grew on the walls of the clarifyer. After the tour we went back to the school and that was it.

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